T-rex and dynamite

He walked into the stables Robert saw Saber standing. Looking back at Robert Saber's ears twitch as the horse got restless. "Thas right Saber back into action." He said as he walked up to the horse. He set his stuff down next to Saber. Robert pulled the saddle blanket from the post and placed it on Saber. Then the bit and bridle the saddle making sure everything was tight. He placed his rifle into its sheath. After a quick check of his equipment he led Saber out of the building and out the gate, Robert swiftly mounted Saber. He gave the place around him a good look he gave Saber a soft kick they took off at a gallop. "Clare the way" he yelled as Saber picked up speed. He had to hurry time was everything. It could mean life or maybe death for those he rushed to get to. Robert rushed to Gil and the party. A mission he could not fail. He had been told they could be walking into an ambush. He charged through the jungle followed the trail to the party's location. He knew Saber is built for this bread for the U.S. Cavalry of the late 1800s.

He had thought his time of riding into danger was over. He could retire and relax not have to fight. He and Saber would just take it easy. Some log cabin in a nice area with a family enjoying life. If someone would have told him he would be racing through a jungle in a faraway place a month ago. He would have asked what they were drinking.

An explosion encoded through the jungle. Roberts knew he was close. The sound of battle could be heard clearly. There was a roar. The familiar sound of a thunder lizard as they like to call them here. Roberts knows them as T- Rex they called them in school. He pulled out his Winchester as he burst out of the bushes riding into the clearing. Just to see the T- rex run out of the jungle on his left. Saber being the trained cavalry horse. veered right. Roberts knew Saber wanted no part of that T-Rex he could only hope the .45-70 would do any damage to the beast. Roberts could take down buffalo with this rifle but a T-Rex?

Jin'Lor knew better and had followed as well, but soon realized Luna had not followed. He only stopped long enough to see the new threat coming for them. "Shit..." He muttered at the sight of the T. Rex.

Atsu stopped, animal ear twitching as he turned to face the great beast. A low feral growl escaped him as he let the others pass him. Bones cracked and snapped as fur tore through his skin and clothes, giving him no time to think as the beast broke free.

With a roar, Atsu rushed back toward the new threat.

Jin'Lor's eyes went wide with both shock and worry. "Atsu...no." He whispered, knowing the consequences this could bring upon the young man.

The T-Rex was running straight for Atsu in the clearing. he yanked the reins on the horse slid some stipping saber. Bracing himself in the saddle he took time to aim. with a loud crack, the rifle fired the bullet hitting the T-Rex in the head just behind the eye Robert had missed his target. Blood sprayed from the impact of the bullet. The T-rex slipping some stopped shaking its head then looked at Roberts. It roared at Roberts and saber. Everyone could see Roberts's eyes get big and mouth the words O shit! He looked around franticly. as the T-rex turned and started for him. Saber did not need to be told to run the horse took off at full speed. Roberts road into some trees the T-Rex fallowed. they disappeared into the jungle.

The ground and trees shook violently the T-rex roars in anger. Robert comes back out of the Jungle with something in his hands he strikes a match and smoke comes for the stick as he rides back into the jungle. there was a muffled explosion then after a few seconds, it was quiet. a few rifle shots rang out. Roberts road back out into the clearing looking a little tired Saber still breathing hard. He road up to the others and dismounted and walked up. he looked at everyone "Wait where is Gil?' he asked.

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