Questions, Questions Whats Next?

“Hay Kid! Major Jackson. United States Calvary, who are you?” Robert shouted out. he waited for the boy to look at him he dropped the horse harness that was in his hand and put them at his side. Just as he was going to say something else Saber stepped to his side turned facing the tree line alerting Jackson that something was there. Turning some look to see who was coming he could see a woman walking towards him with her hand reaching for something. Jackson sighed and rested his hand on his pistol.

The short dark hair woman wearing a white button-down shirt and a weird black tie and black jeans in a style he had not seen before. She approached carefully she had some training thought Jackson but not army training. She got closer she shouted, “Who the heck are you two supposed to be?" She asked. Then she asked. "Have either of you seen another guy here? Looks a bit like me." Her New York accent was recognizable. Jackson had traveled enough as a kid to know. He shouted back “Major, Robert Jackson, United States Calvary, and keep your hands where I can see them Little lady.” Jackson paused to see her reaction then shouted “No, so far you and the boy are the only ones I have…” he stopped and looked more to his right. He pulls his pistol out slowly pointing it down and leaving it at his side. “what now” he says out loud.

The man dresses in traditional Japanese clothing. wearing a black kimono with sock and wood sandals. With a grey cloak with two swords in his belt black hair about Jackson size and well built. Samurai? Jackson thought he had seen some pictures and drawings. The man was not Chinese seen a lot of them on the railroads. His horse was a good bred similar to Saber. As it entered the beach the horse turned on its own giving the rider the best view and position for him. Jackson knew it was a trained war horse. The man looks right at Jackson “How do you do, Sir?” in his British accent with a hint of oriental language the man said loudly. Jackson looked down shaking his head then looked up at the man smiling “I am Major Jackson, United States Calvary.” Jackson looked the area over before speaking again. “and You and the lady who the hell you guys and where are you from?” he shouts back at the two.

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