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Summary: I will protect this city and its people. If you get on my way, it'll end with a bullet in your head


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Gender: Male

Age: 44

Group: Heroes


Caliber, or Declán O'Connor, is former special forces for the US military. At age 35 he was brought into a special "super soldier" program where he was injected with the SFCE-563 serum, which was meant to give him superhuman strength and speed (think Captain America). Instead it gave him the ability of "photographic reflexes", allowing him to absorb strategic and combative information near instantly. Seeing nothing different in his physical capabilities (aside from a slight boost in strength and speed), the government thought it was a failure and waste of money, so the program was shut down. Declán decided to use his new found powers to protect people in his city, taking the name "Caliber". In addition to this he was able to use his knowledge of weaponry and combat to earn a PhD in Technical Hopolgy and taught history classes and hopolgy at a college. Eventually his knowledge of these things (but not his powers) caught the attention of a few high ranking members of the special forces, and he was asked to consult on occasion. They did not discover his abilities, and he continues to work as a professor by day, and "Caliber" by night.


Professor at a a college, PhD in Technical Hopolgy. Ex-special forces. Extreme skill in hand to hand combat and close quarters combat, as well as with various weapons. Ability of "photographic reflexes": allows him to copy a fighting style with only a very short time observing it. The same applies to weapon. He also gained slightly enhanced strength as speed, and greatly enhanced reflexes.

Civilian Life

Works as a professor at a college and teaches history classes, Hopolgy, and fencing

Physical Appearance/Recognizable Features/Dress

Reddish brown hair, short and carefully trimmed red beard, blue eyes. Looks younger than he actually is as a result of the serum. As a professor he wears a suit that resembles a military dress uniform (it's nut actually. It's just a thing he does)
Caliber wears a full face tactical helmet with a t-shaped visor and night vision capabilities. Also wears Kevlar and carefully created armor plates around his torso. Armor is painted a dull, splotchy grey to camouflage with the urban landscape.

Personality and Interests/Civilian Identity

Declán O'Connor and Caliber are two arguably different people. Declán is quiet, but is still usually good natured, hard to anger, and likes a good joke.
Caliber, on the other hand, is cold and ruthless, as feels no remorse or pity for his enemies. He is reserved to the extreme, and does not overly enjoy working with other heroes. One thing he does not tolerate, however, is collateral damage. For this reason he never uses explosives or other area of effect weapons.
He believes strongly in the philosophy of David Grossman, that the world is made of sheep, wolves, and sheepdog.


Former boyfriend of Silverwolf (Anastasia at the time).
Almost a father figure towards Stareye.
Friends with The Wardens, and utterly loaths Bonfire.

Weapons/Armor/Tools/Significant Items

Full face helmet, kevlar armor, torso plating for extra protection. Armed with a p90 sub machine gun, a m14 enhanced battle rifle, a 9 mm pistol, a utility knife, a short concealed dagger, a pair of falchions, and a wrist mounted grappling gun


Allied with The Wardens.
Works with Stareye and occasionally Silverwolf.
Enemy of Shaden and (especially) Bonfire.

Team Affiliation

Works only with Stareye consistently. Occasionally works with The Wardens or Silverwolf.

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