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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Heroes


Circus acrobat and trapeze artist with superhuman hearing; later granted superspeed by Harbinger's bestowal.


Superspeed and superhuman hearing with acrobatic agility. Uses sonar above range of human hearing for echolocation.

Civilian Life

Nightbolt's birth name is Mercedes Summers, though he rarely uses it as due to his distinctive disability he cannot easily have a civilian identity without being immediately recognized as Nightbolt.

Physical Appearance/Recognizable Features/Dress

Nightbolt is tall with an acrobatic, flexible build. He can be easily recognized by the burn scars on the upper half of his face that cover his eyes and the massive burns covering his back. Nightbolt's suit is of black friction-resistant material with a cowl that covers his upper face and built in sonar so he can see.

Personality and Interests/Civilian Identity

Nightbolt is rather subdued and calm with an aversion to violence and usually prefers silence to smalltalk. He is gentle and kind and focuses on the safety of civilians as opposed to the elimination of criminals.


Nightbolt grew up in the circus with his sister (Raptor) and the pyrokinetic Maddix twins (Bonfire and Hestia). When encountering the young superheroine Harbinger for the first time she granted him superspeed. He helped her found the Wardens using the name Echo along with Raptor and Bonfire, who he was dating at the time. Over several years of working together he and Harbinger grew close, though Bonfire tried to keep them separate.

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