The Stake Out

"Scarecrow checking in, we got eyes on the target." Daniel handed Kenneth a thermos full of coffee. "Thanks brother." He said before taking a sip. Ken had managed to gather his team of Deputies from the station. They were set on the opposite side of the street from them and were ready to push into the backyard. "Glad to see Grace back at it, see doin okay after Bogata?" Daniel looked at Ken and shook his head. "No, not something she'll shake off anytime time soon. Not every day your CI smoke checks you're station chief." Ken nodded. "Yeah I remember, seems like a lifetime ago but I remember."

As the team monitored the target building from the ground, Grace watched from the drone feed. Just as a precaution she asked for another UAV to be deployed to track Josh and keep tabs on him. "Okay, I'm heading into town. Contact me if there are any changes." The techs nodded, not taking their eyes off their screens.

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