going for a walk

Happy he liked the wolf, she sighed in relieve. When she saw how he looked at the woman leaving, she followed his gaze. A certain uneasiness fell over her when looking at the strange woman. Akira was better than her in sensing danger, but now she too felt she had to stay far away from Mina.

Her eyes lightened up when he told his mother was a herbalist. “Ooh, I didn’t expect that. Herbalist are rare. She did a good job that you knew of marigolds,” she smiled and then fixed her eyes on her cup of coffee. When he told her about the executions, a shiver run down her spine. “But doesn’t the sheriff do something about it?” When she sensed the sad tone in his voice, she said no more but just laid her hand for a short moment on his and looked at him with her large green eyes. She knew everything about it. As a little girl she had seen how some people treated Indians. How some of them were murdered and nobody caring about it. She couldn’t understand people sometimes. She sighed and was glad when Richard changed the subject.

“If you don’t mind. I would love to have a walk,” she had always had a preference to be outside, it was an inheritance she had from her mother. She remembered the long walks she had with her, how she had taught her as a little girl to be one with nature. Her mother was in Naduah’s opinion the most beautiful being in the world. She learned her how to look at the world through loving eyes. Never did her mother think evil of anyone er anything. She sighed, she always thought the world was the way her mother taught her. But she knew Richard was right, not every people were kind to magic users or the Native American people.
“Come Akira” the wolf looked over to the bartender and sneaked outside again when he saw him looking in a different direction. When he was outside, he turned around impatient to see where his mistress and his new friend were. He gave a short bark to speed them up.
When they were outside, Naduah smiled a little shy at him. “I think you should lead the way, I’ve never been here”

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