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Summary: An aging hero, in search of hope for the future.

Thomas Nathan Townsend

Gender: Male

Age: 64

Group: Heroes


Dynamite Man


Super Strength
Super Durability
Super Jump (100 foot vertical leap)

Physical Appearance

Dark hair with streaks of white mixed through. A square jaw and blue eyes. A muscular build with wide shoulders.

Personality and interests

Kind and interested in helping others. Generous with his time and money. In a word selfless. But age is beginning to leave him a bit jaded.


Thomas Townsend joined the army at 18 years old. When he was 20 he volunteered for a series of experiments attempting to create a super soldier. It seemed at first as if the experiments failed and Thomas was no different than when they had began.

A year later Thomas was discharged from the army and moved to Capitol City. A short time after his arrival in Capitol City Thomas found himself growing stronger and stronger. He discovered amazing abilities like he could leap over buildings, stop a bullet with his chest and punch through a concrete wall. Super Strong and virtually indestructible he made a red uniform to match his explosive power and became Dynamite Man.

For nearly four decades he protected the citizens of Capitol City fighting off villains, preventing disasters and saving lives. But as he reached his senior years Thomas began to notice his powers fading. He wasn't as strong as he once was and could no longer leap as high, and after a relatively minor tussle with some muggers, he found a bullet had grazed his arm and drew blood.

So Thomas has slowly had to fade back from his identity as Dynamite Man, filled with regret that he has not yet found someone to replace him as Capitol City's protector.

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Image of Thomas Nathan Townsend
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