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Summary: Blackbird sings in the dead of night...


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Villains


Blackbird (Real Name Unknown)


Leader of criminal syndicate. No known superpowers

Physical Appearance

Tall wearing a black suit with a black shirt and tie. Wears shining black wingtip shoes, and black leather gloves. He wears a raven mask over the top half of his face.

Personality and interests

Not much is known about Blackbird. His motivations seem to be the same as most criminals, to gain power and money.


Blackbird first appeared in Capitol City's underworld as a gun for hire. He worked his way up quickly gaining a reputation as one of the city's most reliable assassins. He made a lot of money this way but soon it wasn't enough.

He began to demand loyalty from different crime groups and gangs throughout the city. Anyone who resisted turned up dead soon afterward.
Now nearly half the criminal orginizations in the city work for Blackbird.

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Image of Blackbird
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