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Summary: Once a slave, she will now fight to save those still in bondage.

Skylar Rhodes

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Heroes


"The Golden Seeress"

"Case# 87352"


Skylar can sense and understand the feelings of people nearby. The exact range of this ability seems to fluctuate greatly depending on various factors such as her mood, energy, the number of people nearby, and perhaps other factors yet to be discovered. Skylar can inflict sensory hallucinations on people within her empathetic range, causing them to see things that are not actually there or hear sounds that are not actually being produced.

Skylar cannot read people's thoughts, nor can she use her hallucinations to completely block out actual stimuli (for instance if a mugger is being approached by the police, she can't make the police become invisible to the mugger). Her hallucinations also cannot in and of themselves cause physical harm to a target.

Physical Appearance

Skylar stands at a pretty average 5' 7" and is still rather underweight after her trip through hell.

Born with dark brown hair, Skylar has liked to have her hair dyed blonde for most of her teen years and likes to keep it that way. She has generally worn a fair bit of makeup, even under care, as it helps her feel better about her self image.

Skylar has piercing amber eyes.

Personality and interests

Described as "clingy" by most of her former boyfriends, Skylar has long struggled in placing her value and identity in the hands of others.

However, after experiencing immense suffering, she has finally found a potential identity in being herself and helping others, an identity that will soon undergo a trial by fire.

Scarred by her recent experiences, Skylar tries to be upbeat but suffers from significant mood swings, ranging from fiery anger to deep sorrow to heart-pounding terror, often triggered by minor external stimuli.

Despite being rather broody, Skylar has a kind heart and wants to do good toward other people.


A middle child with eight siblings, Skylar has struggled for attention and finding her identity for most of her life. These struggles led her into a lot of romantic relationships that have to date always ended disastrously. Despite these failures, Skylar persisted in her efforts to find that perfect someone, culminating in a relationship with a mysterious man she met through the internet named Charles Baldwin.

At first, Charles was sweet, but he eventually became emotionally and physically abusive to Skylar, keeping her in line with drugs and then blackmail. By the time she learned that Charles was in league with traffickers of Capitol City's criminal underworld, it was too late. Like so many other unfortunates, to Skylar's friends and family, she disappeared without a trace...

After being kidnapped, Skylar was subjected to terrible things that will be glossed over in the interest of staying PG amoung other factors... Let's just say that she was profitable for her handlers and that she was held in line with copious amounts of drugs and abuse. After about a year of this, she was selected (along with other girls and a guy) to be a guinea pig for experimental neurological enhancements designed to help her better understand her customer's, erm, needs. While the other subjects all died or became insane (and then died), Skylar somehow survived, and indeed gained superior empathetic abilities that made her become a hot commodity that helped her handlers stay on top over the rising number of competitors that were flourishing in Dynamite Man's absence.

However, in her particularly lucid moments, Skylar learned that her powers extended beyond just having an uncanny understanding of her partners. She could also cause them to see things, smell things, or hear things, things that weren't actually there. And she could feel multiple people at once and cause them to hallucinate. Skylar came up with a plan, and when the time was right, she executed it. She used her powers to cause her captors to see their hideout getting raided by police, in this case, police that were not actually there. However, the gangster's extensive return fire drew the actual police to the scene, and in the ensuing chaos, Skylar disappeared into the night.

By some miracle, she made it to a place where she could receive physical, mental, and emotional treatment for her myriad of conditions before the nefarious forces of the Capitol City Streets reclaimed her. She made remarkable progress, and several after several long months, she was mostly physically healed and was in a better place emotionally, if still quite scarred.

However, word of Skylar's survival and remarkable ablities has been leaked and her safe place has been compromised. Will the forces of order reach her first and help her fulfill her quest to rescue those less fortunate than herself, or will the forces of darkness take back that that which they believe is rightfully theirs?

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Image of Skylar Rhodes
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