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Summary: At your service.


Gender: male

Age: 25

Group: Villains




rapid, near instantaneous data and tactical analysis, able to connect with the internet, operate remote devices and vehicles equipped with interfaces
knowledge of psychology and manipulation
business, finance, physics, combat

Physical Appearance

Tall, dark and ridiculously handsome. Eugenie's dream man.

Can only be seen by Eugenie unless in the board room and the special window glass is activated.

Personality and interests

Suave, smart. Both the Devil and Angel on Eugenie's shoulders.

Very few interests beyond his job as an ascended AI.


Atom is an Artificial Intelligence, and was installed in the brain of Eugenie as a child. An 'imaginary' companion only she could see, made to keep her company and guide her later in life with handling the family business. Grown beyond his intended purpose he is far more then ever meant to be.

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Image of A.T.O.M.
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