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Summary: "I keep telling you you're too nosey for your own good..."

Jennifer Walker

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: Capitol City Gazette and Other News Agency Employees





Physical Appearance

Dark hair and dark brown eyes.
Usually wears some kind of red in her outfit.
Narrow black glasses

Personality and interests

Inquisitive to a fault, she often finds herself in trouble for sticking her nose in other peoples business. She can be a bit of a workaholic addicted to her job at the Capitol City Gazette. A perfectionist she always feels the need to dig deeper.


Jennifer Walker was born and raised in Capitol City. Her father Ronald Walker was once the Editor in chief of the Capitol City Gazette, and he made his journalistic career covering the exploits of Dynamite Man.

Jennifer always admired her father and wanting to follow in his footsteps studied Journalism in college. When she graduated she got a job at the gazette (her father at this time was retired.)

Jennifer began to cover Dynamite Man as well but lately has only been able to write about his absence. Although new developments in Capitol City are definitely news worthy.

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Image of Jennifer Walker
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