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Summary: Keyboardist of Another Unspeakable Sunday

Rebecca 'Becca' Winters

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Citizens


'The Muse'



Physical Appearance

round glasses, short stature, blue eyes, silver blue dyed hair, pierced ears, Monroe piercing on the left side.

Personality and interests

Becca is usually pretty aloof, but when her emotions boil over, they aren't a gentle stream, rather its a rushing river. People who have small interactions with her might think she is cold but she's nice when you get to know her and get her started on a subject she likes.

Loves the band, spray paint art (not graffiti), classical piano (what she trained in) and cooking.


She met Miles in High School, junior year. They didn't know each other before but she once found him borrowing the band room to practice guitar and they started talking ever since they have been best friends even before starting a band. The band currently consists of herself(keyboard/synth), Miles 'The Starchild' (lead guitar and singer), Heath 'The Noise' (bass), Luke 'The Heat' (rhythm guitar) and Rick 'The Hammer' (drums) and Jackson 'Kid Wyld' (sax). Works at a hipster coffee shop called Deja Brew

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Image of Rebecca 'Becca' Winters
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