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Summary: Mr. Olivieri at your service.

Donovan Olivieri

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Citizens




Crude negotiator, skilled diplomat and charismatic speaker.

Physical Appearance

Tall with dark cropped hair, dark eyes, and a perfect smile for the camera. usually wears expensive tailored suit.

Personality and interests

Charismatic and charming, but only to hide his ambition, and willingness to stab anyone in the back to get ahead. On the surface he seems like a perfectly pleasant individual. In reality he is calculating and never says a word or makes a move without considering how it's going to work for him.


Donovan Olivieri is a businessman and philanthropist turned politician. He made his fortune in retail and stock investments (Allegedly). Not much is known about him before he began making massive contributions to community charities. He suddenly began appearing in newspapers and became a very vocal critic of the Capitol City's current Mayor, Mayor Winters and his willingness to allow superheros to operate within the city.

So far it seems the city is behind him as crime rates skyrocket, his popularity continues to rise.

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Image of Donovan Olivieri
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