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Summary: "Your heroes are nothing more then criminals who believe they are the law."

Richard Zach

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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Villains


The Iron Crow


Immunity to all diseases, toxins and poisons
Wears a cybernetic suit that works like Iron man's suit, however instead of having blasters he uses a toxic spray that have many different modes, from different diseases, toxins, and poisons. It has jet boots that allow him to fly around. He also has metal claws on the suit that can cut through steel. The eyes on the suit have a hub that give Richard any info on the network to him. He also has needle on his arms that he can use to inject anything into people.

Physical Appearance

The suit is the pic, under the suit he is a frail man with pale skin, white hair and white eyes. He's an albino and he is at a max height of 5'1. With the suit on he is 6'7.

Personality and interests

He is a very cold and logical person, seeing heroes as a threat that makes society unbalanced and broken. He believes that it would be better if there wasn't any super heroes. Even though he hates heroes he has been seen protecting civilians.


Richard came from an abusive home, hated by both of his parents since he was born. However he decided to keep advancing in life and let his parents suffer in property. He graduated from school when he was 14. He then founded his own company as well as finding love with a co-worker. However a rogue hero brought his company from him and took away his love. Deciding that heroes can be villains as well he decided that heroes should outlawed so that society could function properly.

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Image of Richard Zach
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