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Summary: Time to take your meds....

Helga Himmle

Gender: Female

Age: 75

Group: Citizens


Nurse Rachet


Has been a nurse for a very long time

Physical Appearance

Helga is a tall blondish grey woman with brown eyes fair skin.

Personality and interests

This is one nurse you don't want to cross. She has a bad attitude and a firm hand. She has worked for Dr. Kross for a very long time.


Helga Himmle has been a nurse since before WWII. When the war broke out the Nazis paired her with the doctor and they have worked together ever since finding gruesome ways to extract information or just to torture for the fun of it. After ghe war they came to america together she runs the ward and managing patients he treats their illness.

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Image of Helga Himmle
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