This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on May 3, 2020, 11:30pm

This is a superhero adventure game, sort of a cross between Watchmen and Mystery Men. Story advancement posts will create events in the city for characters to respond to. No dice to roll, just keep the story moving. :)


1. No seriously injuring or killing other peoples characters
2. As many characters as you want/can manage
3. Please keep it PG-13

When conflict arises between characters, it is best that members reach out to each other and agree upon an acceptable outcome to the conflict. In the cases where these conflicts become violent, these communications are required, and if no proof of such an agreement exists in cases where violent confrontation results in members becoming offended, the offended parties can demand post revisions or redactions.

We are allowing people to write each other's characters, within the limitations described in the above rules. Many people refer to this practice as godmoding or godmodding, although that term also can mean other things as well.

The reason we are allowing this is to facilitate interaction between player's characters. The act of writing for another player's character is not intended to be a substitute for communication between players, as this game is a collaborative story, and effective collaboration requires effective communication. We respect that their is risk involved in allowing other people to write our characters and visa versa. In an attempt to alleviate potential fallout from this, we ask that writers make a point of writing other's characters in a way that they believe the owner would want their character portrayed. By extension, we ask that players keep their character's profiles detailed and up-to-date so that other members can use those profiles as an effective resource for accurately portraying those characters.

A more detailed version of my philosophy on the matter can be found here.