Just the Facts.

"Take a seat, Ms. Chadwick. I mean you no harm. You have a colleague, don't you? A partner in crime? Adam something or other? (Mispelling on purpose because he can't figure out more and is assuming ATOM is a person, named ADAM.) Call him in so we can talk through this plainly."

Before Eugenie could pick up a phone and make a call the lights in the room dimmed, and the windows of the parlour tinted to a near vantablack. A speaker in the room crackled to life with the sound of a slow, annoyed clap. “Bravo, bravo,” a voice said. Though it was pitch black you could tell it was a room somewhere else. “You have made it quite far and risked a lot to come here for information that is none of your concern.” Within the glass impossible space took shape, a man’s silhouette walked in from out of the frame, the only source of light the cherry on a cigarette. “But, since you came all this way. I will tell you a few things, and then you can run along to daddy and tell him what you learned,” the voice said before clapping the lights in the room within the glass came on illuminating Mr. Zacharius Adams, standing in what appeared to be a well furnished home office.

“Mr. Zacharius Adams, a pleasure to meet you. Mr?...”

“Simms,” Wilson Simms said.

“First name, boy first name. You want this to be civil, but I need to know who I am speaking to.”

“Mr. Wilson Simms,” Simms responded.

“Good, good.” while walking off screen bringing back a chair and sitting.

Adams cleared his throat. “Now, can we say it is fair that if I tell you what I can you will leave without a fracas?”

“I would say that’s fair.” Wilson nodded.

“Firstly, I want to know what is, ATOM,” said Wilson.

“Adams Technology Omnipresent Machine,” he said. “Our fledgling attempts at a quantum computer. Just a prototype. Barely more than a glorified personal assistant at this point in time,” Zacharius explained. “Though I can’t say more. Even a mind reader knows some things are best kept secret.” He chuckled, implying he didn’t know Simms’s true powers. “Your next question?”

“Why was Chadwick Enterprises attacked?” Simms questioned.

“A very good question, but a very complicated answer,” Adams said. “Or rather we don’t have all the information we need to make an accurate conclusion yet. It is our belief that he has some checks in place that even in death his company has protection from those he deems not worthy of getting their hands on it.”

“I’ve recently found information, private mind you. That would have spelled the near end of your boss's livelihood. As you likely know the company had its hands in the pocket of the government doing little research contracts here and there. Well when Chromium was killed they were tasked with ‘figuring the damn thing out’ well, they were attempting to sell secrets to the military and SWAT divisions all over the us. Do you know what that means?”

“No what?” asked Wilson.

“Simply put every police force would have suits designed to be one man armies. Blackbird is crafty. Don’t misunderstand me, but when you have 50, maybe 100 power armored men knocking down your door. Well...it’s not a secret who’d come out on top. We believe he’s put something in place to prevent certain trades with certain groups of people and the board attempted to go around Ms. Chadwick, kick her from power, and sell the company, and that spelt the end for them.”

“So...her father did it?” Wilson said skeptically.

“Well the 'ghost' of him anyway.” Adams said air quoting ‘ghost’. “But we have nothing more to go on than that. Missing files. Yada Yada. I’d tell you more but that’s all we have for now.”

After a cursory scan of Eugnies memories to confirm what he was told was true, Wilson stood from his seat and looked at the screen one last time. “Alright, but don’t think this is the last we will speak, Zacharius.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it. Ta ta now, ” Adams replied, as Wilson left the home.

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