Can't let you take that.

Miles felt the man's fingers trying to pilfer that file. "Hey. I can't let you take that." he said pulling the hand back. "It's important. Only one copy on file and legal stuff. I don't really know what it's for but..." Miles was saying but Becca jumped in.

"Don't you need a warrant or something to just take property without probable cause and all that? Hmm? A file can't blow up a building." she said.

"Not when it could be a lead on the case." Johnson said as he snagged the file from Miles.

Inside the folder was several share exchange papers with Eugenie Chadwick's name denoting exchanges of large amounts of company shares to individual members of the board. Though the signature was off. Off in the way a signature on a report card looks when a child tries to copy their parents handwriting. Almost correct but looking close you can tell how force and deliberate the pen strokes were. Indications that the board of directors was trying to remove Eugenie from power. Perhaps the bombing was an assassination attempt gone airy.

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