Back to Base

Tom and Skylar arrived back at the lair, late that night. They had gone back to the alley for their street clothes then caught a yellow cab back.

Both of them where exhausted and collapsed on the brown couch near the back of the lair, trudging over from the door.

"Long day." Tom muttered. Skylar nodded. Tom turned his head to look at her giving her a weak smile, but Skylar's eyes were closed as she leaned back into the couch her face turned up towards the ceiling. "You did good for your first time out," He continued. "Didn't panic when the bullets started flying."

Skylar opened her eyes and looked back towards Tom. "That was scary I'll admit." Tom nodded "It always is." Tom said. "Even when you're bulletproof oddly."

Skylar let out a chuckle. "I need a shower." she said shutting her eyes and leaning back into the couch once again. "Yeah me too," Tom said. "You can go first. I'll look up everything I can on Chromium."

Skylar stood up and stretched. She began to walk towards the bathroom, but stopped halfway turning back towards Tom. "What's the plan now?" She asked.

Tom stood up. "The plan is the same," he said. "We train."

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