OOC - Upcoming Time Jump and Daily Event Summary

For those of you still hanging in New Heroes, we thank you for your participation. Just a heads up, team, our plan is to have a group "time jump" once our characters conclude the current in-game day. Everyone is roughly approaching the end of the current Day 3. The plan is to have a three day time leap, bringing us to Day 6.

To summarize recent events on Day 3...

Dr. Hivemind and Holly Wood have recently thwarted and attempt by Mr. Symphony to escape custody, rescuing reporter Jennifer Walker and the police under his spell in the process.

Miles Hawthorne and Becca Winters recently brushed shoulders with the pugnacious Agent Johnson. Johnson and his reluctant sidekick, Detective Reed learned that Skylar Rhodes has acquired a suit and has joined forces with Dynamite Man who were seen at the scene of the Chadwick Enterprises explosion.

Having orchestrated the Chadwick Enterprises explosion to fend off a coup by the company's board of directors (killing them all in the process) ATOM and his charge, Eugenie Chadwick retired to Eugenie's mansion, where Blackbird sent his operative, Wilson Simms, to learn what had transpired at Chadwick Enterprises that day.

Later, Mayoral Candidate Donovan Olivieri gets a threating phone call from someone whom we can assume is Blackbird.

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