One Last Teaching Point

Skylar came out of the bathroom with wet hair wearing a large T shirt she had borrowed from Tom as her makeshift pajamas. Due to the circumstances under which she had arrived at this place, she only currently possessed one set of clothes unless the supersuit counted as another set, in which case she had two. Still...

"Do you think there is anyway we could get some of my belongings from the Hope House?" she asked Tom, who was sitting at a computer poring over some online article. When he looked her way, she continued, "It's kind of a drag only one outfit and no makeup, and I don't want you to have to buy a whole bunch of things on my behalf."

"I don't mind buying you necessities," Tom objected, "but I should be able to reach out to Annalise and arrange to get your stuff. I'm sure she'd be happy to help."

Skylar smiled. "Thank you." Looking over his shoulder, she asked, "Did you find out anything about Chromium?"

Tom frowned. "Not really. Most of the things I've seen are wild conjecture or things I already believe I know about him."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I have long suspected that Chromium was connected to Chadwick Enterprises, as that corporation specializes in cutting edge defense technology, and, well, Chromium basically is cutting edge defense technology. I've crossed swords with the villain in the past, and some of the weapon systems he wielded against me were more advanced or prototype versions of equipment that my military contacts have told me they've used or at least seen."

Skylar pursed her lips. "Why do you think he attacked the place then?"

"Perhaps they had a falling out?" Tom postulated.

"Could that be why that woman who survived the attack was so mad," Skylar wondered outloud.

"Maybe..." although Tom seemed to be agreeing with her, Skylar couldn't help but feel his skepticism. "What are you thinking," she pressed.

"Honestly, until today, I had been starting to think Chromium had died. I hadn't heard any concrete reports of him for awhile, and, well, you'd be surprised how frequently people like him get themselves killed. Between putting themselves in risky situations, trying dangerous stunts, testing experimental weapons, and other things that come with the invincibility complex that so many supers tend to develop, it is quite common for them to die quite unexpectedly and anticlimactically."

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you are making a teaching point," Skylar smirked.

"You got me," Tom grinned, ruffling her hair. "Remember that lesson, though. Superpowers are not a substitute for common sense. If anything, we need to be all the more careful, especially with the unwanted attention we seem to be getting. Speaking of which, you need to be hitting the hay. I need you to be alert tomorrow for training.

"I think I can do that," Skylar yawned. "Would you like me to take the couch tonight?"

"Nope, take the bed again, you've earned it."

Skylar beamed. His praise meant a lot to her. Nonetheless, he was still quite a bit older than her. "Fine, but I don't want to hear you complaining about your back tomorrow."

"I think my back will hurt regardless of where I sleep," the old hero murmured. Outloud, he continued, "Goodnight Skylar, I will see you in the morning.

She hugged him lightly. "Goodnight, Tom, thank you for everything today."

With that, she went to the bed, where exhaustion quickly overcame her.

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