To The Rescue

Dynamite Man ran across the rooftops of Capitol City. Leaping easily over the gaps between buildings, his black cape trailing straight out behind him. Finally he came skidding to a halt on the edge of a building overlooking the Capitol City Central Bank. He looked around for Skylar, who dressed as the Golden Seeress was approaching from street level.

This was the plan, Tom would leap to the banks roof, and enter from above. Skylar would approach from the ground, and use her telepathic abilities to contain the suspect in the building if necessary. He spotted a glint of gold from the alley across the street and smiled. Dynamite Man had never had a partner before, and he had to admit it was really kind of nice having someone to watch your back.

A sudden scream from inside the bank, brought Dynamite Man's attention back to the matter at hand. Taking a few steps back, he ran and leapt out across the road landing hard on the rooftop of the bank. He looked around for an entrance and saw a simple red door. He rushed over and tried the door handle, "Damn." He spat, finding it locked. "I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this."

Tom squeezed the doorknob, and it crushed in his hand, with a light tug he ripped the doorknob and lock off and pushed the door open. He could hear some sort of commotion going on downstairs and ran down into the bank entering through a service door near the back exit. He rushed to the lobby and looked though a doorway into the vaulrt and saw an extremely peculiar sight.

He spotted someone he recognized immediately. Domino. A "reformed" super criminal. She was being attacked by an intimidating looking man in an armoured suit. The helmet held an intimidating bird like mask. Tom entered just in time to see him launch some kind of gas attack on Domino. She crumpled weakly, in front of him. The armoured man stood over Domino, his back turned towards Tom.

"Hey!" Tom shouted, causing the man to spin and face him. "Nice mask, mind if I smash it to bits?"


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