Polls and Plans

Donovan Olivieri looked over the desk at his campaign manager. The guy was twenty-six, he had dark brown hipster hair cut and wore suspenders and a bow tie. "As I was saying sir, It's pretty bad news, there seems to be a resurgence of support for Mayor Winters, and the election is only a week away." he said pouring over a clipboard he held.

Donovan looked him up and down. "How much support?" he leaned back in his chair, "I'm sure we can handle it." The campaign manager shook his head. "I don't know Mr. Olivieri, the polls right now have you about even with Winters, and that just won't do."

Donovan smiled. "Oh David, you worry-wart, I'm sure it will be fine. We'll think of something." David the campaign manager looked back at him skeptically. "Mr. Olivieri, I really..." Donovan held up a single hand to silence him. "It's going to be fine David, we'll think of something. Now if you'll please excuse me I need to make a phone call."

David gave Donovan a curious look before trudging begrudgingly from Donovan's office. The smile immediately dropped from Donovan's face. He snatched up his phone and hit a button on the speed dial. The phone was answered on the first ring.

"Yes." a cold voice answered.

"We've hit a snag, the event might not go off as planned." Donovan leaned on his desk pressing the phone hard into his ear.

There was a short pause before the voice replied. "Do we need to engage our contingencies?"

Donovan glanced towards his office door making sure it was closed firmly. "Yes, I think that we do."

"I'll make the arrangements....This is probably going to get messy. I hope you're prepared for that."

Donovan took a deep breath. "Just get it done." With that he slammed down the phone.

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