Into the Fray

Jason rushed into the bullpen of the CCPD scanning the room for Agent Johnson, with whom he had been hunting Dynamite Man for the past three days. He spotted him near the coffee machine.

He ran over dodging cops and desks, with scattered shouts of annoyance coming from behind him as he passed. "Johnson," he practically shouted even though he was now basically beside him. "We've got to now, the Capitol City Central bank is being robbed..."

"Again." Johnson snorted derisively.

"Yeah, again." Reed snapped back, "anyway the point is we've got Dynamite Man on the scene! Lets roll."

Johnson didn't even say anything he simply tossed his coffee into the trash can and ran towards the door. It took Jason a moment, before he ran after him. "Let's move our asses, this could be our chance!" Johnson shouted back over his shoulder as the exited the building.

Within moments they were in Jason's car with the siren wailing speeding towards the bank.

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