Drunken Antics

When Jennifer gets up to the roof she sees the doc in full hero costume. He is obviously wasted. "Why Ms. Walker hic fancy meeting you here hic." "What are you doing," she asks. "Why I am having a drink hic what does it look like silly," he tries to retort wittily. A quick glance around the rooftop and there are several large beer boxes and alot of bottles. "God your torched aren't you," she tells him. "Why yes hic yes I am hic torched," Come on Doc lets get you downstairs, you live in apartment 4J right." "Maybe I do Maybe I don't no I'm just joshing ya I live in 4J," he replies.

She helps him down to his apartment when they enter the police scanner is on and they are discussing a fight going on at the bank. "Oh crap hic,"he says, "I gotta go help them Holly is my hic shes my friend, I think" Doc you are in no shape to be fighting anybody she tries to leads him over to the couch and helps him to lay down. Jennifer goes into the other room to get a blanket and when she comes back he is passed out. She pulls his boots off and covers him up. Night Doctor Lipinski She says as she covers him up she lets herself out locking the door from the inside on her way out.

Jennifer goes downstairs and gets in her car and leaves to go cover the bank brawl. After she pulls away Dr. Hivemind throws the blanket off of himself puts his boots back on. "I gotta hic gotta get over there they may need my help," He goes over to the balcony and begins to use his mind powers to call a swarm to carry him across town to the bank. But to no avail he is unable to focus due to his drunken stupor. "Crap," he says. "Why isnt this working." He tries again but still nothing. He goes over to his fridge and opens it up grabs two energy drinks and pounds them quick. With the sudden burst of energy he goes over to the balcony and tries again success he finds a swarm of termites in a run down building around the corner. Soon they pick him up and carry him across town towards the bank.


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