Double Cross

Donovan Olivieri sat alone in his office. He was twisting a thin gold pen between his forefinger and thumb. He stared lost in thought at the light bouncing off the golden pen sparkling and dancing before his eyes.

Just then there was a knock on the door. "Come in?" Donovan asked allowing the pen to drop to his desk with a dull thud. A tall beautiful brunette woman entered. She was wearing flowing red dress, and a row of brilliant white pearls around her throat.

"Hello Donovan." She had a thick russian accent. She took the seat across from Donovan, and without asking helped herself to the decanter of 20 year old scotch that sat on his desk. "Our mutual friend sent me."

Donovan snorted derisively. "Obviously."

She gave him a cold look. "You know you're attitude is unbecoming." She told him. "Maybe even worrisome."

"Worried? Who's worried about me?" Donovan asked incredulously, as she sipped the scotch she had poured.

She swallowed her drink, and licked her thick red lips seductively. "No one at the moment Donovan, I'm just saying you should try to remember who's in charge here."

Donovan glared at her across his desk. "I know perfectly well who's in charge here." he said in a flat voice that did very little to hide his anger. The russian woman drained the scotch and placed the empty glass back onto Donovan's desk.

"I will call you when it's ready then." She said rising to her feet. Donovan stood up with her. "Thank you then." he gestured towards the office door. She walked towards the door stopping just before she left.

"Donovan, don't make the mistake of thinking you're someone." She looked at him coldly. "You are only what we have made you. That's all you ever will be." and with that she left the room.

Donovan dropped back into his chair, his blood boiling. He opened his computer, and loaded the building security cameras, and watched until the russian woman had left the building, before calling his secretary on the intercom. "Ms. Jade would you please get me the telephone number for Eugenie Chadwick?"

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