Mr. Symphony gets transfered

At the jail a guard walks up to a cell and taps on the bars with his nightstick. "Klygerberg it's transfer day." Klause also known to the world as Mr. Symphpny is wearing a device over his mouth that keeps him from using his powers. He writes on a whiteboard to where. "The new psychiatric center Shady acres hands out klygerberg no funny stuff," the guard says. Klause comply an sticks his ham through the small slot in the cell door and the guard places a set of cuffs on him. "Step back so I can open the door." Again klause complies. He is loaded into a jail van without incident and after a 20 minute drive they pull up into the driveway of a very nice building it has a flowers beds and looks nothing like what you would expect a psychiatric hospital to be. When the van stops a old man and a lady who is wearing a nurses uniform are waiting. The guards unload Klause and the old man begins to speak to him in a thick German accent. "Ah Mr. Klygerberg how are we feeling this morning." Klause who still has the mouth covering gives him a thumbs up. " I am Dr. Kross and this is my head nurse Ms. Himmel we will be heading up your treatments." Guards you remove the device over his mouth" the doctor says. "Are you sure doc? this one can do some bad things with his voice," one of the guards asks. "I am quite sure" Dr. Kross tells him. "Mr.Sympony's powers will not work on myself or Nurse Himmel." The guard removes the mouth covering and says ,"Ok Doc it's you funeral." Dr. Kross signs the transfer papers and the guards be in the van and drive away. Klause who is in a wheelchair with his right arm and left leg cuffed is taken inside and shown to his room. "The facility isn't very full right now," Dr. Kross says. "So for now you will have you own room. breakfast is at 7:00 AM, lunch is at Noon, and dinner is promptly at 5:30 PM I will let you get settled in and Nurse Himmel will come and show you around." Just then the lights begin to flicker. " New Building still working out the kinks in it." He blows a whistle and a 6'5 300 lb orderly comes in. Dr. Kross hands him a key and he walks over to uncuff him. "Don't try anything funny" The orderly says, " I have no problems with getting phyiscal with you if I need too."

They both leave the room and Dr. Kross locks his door behind him.

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