OOC - A Couple of Thoughts

I'm not quite sure what the policy is regarding OOC (Out OF Character) posts, so I hope I'm not violating any unwritten rules by posting this here. If you would prefer that I email you guys about stuff like this going forward, let me know.

General Setting Questions

Seeing the most recent post, particularly the reference to Quantico, brings up a significant setting question, namely, is Capitol City in the United States of America, and if so, where? I had considered making a pop culture reference at some point (which I can't seem to remember now), but I wasn't sure how appropriate that would be.

On the topic of setting questions, if Capitol City is in a completely fictional universe in which the USA is not a thing, what is Capitol City's climate like? Would it be warmer or colder in the current season, and would it rain a lot, or not so much?

Questions for Ryjones

I am intrigued by the idea of Agent Johnson being involved in the creation of Skylar's powers, however, I think there are a number of details we need to hash out in order for us to get on the same page as to what actually happened to Skylar.

My written history for Skylar so far has her getting kidnapped by human traffickers and getting used as an intimate services worker before she "got an upgrade" and continued her services for the street gang, at least until she used her new powers to escape.

I am under the impression from your post "The hunt continues" that you are proposing that Skylar had instead escaped a Federal laboratory, which is quite a different feat than the one described in Skylar's history section. I feel we need to reconcile these two stories.

Here is a thought I had for how this could have happened, let me know what you think:

Agent Johnson, needing human test subjects for his experiments to create a living weapon that could defeat Dynamite Man, makes an agreement with his underworld contacts to use some of their workers as test subjects in return for giving them one of the workers, now with powers, back if any of them survived. Unfortunately, only one of the subjects, Skylar, survived, and Johnson decided not to renege on his end of the bargain due to concerns that Skylar would likely die of complications within a month or two anyway, and Johnson wanted to keep his avenue of acquiring subjects open.

However, Skylar proved to be surprisingly hardy, and after several months of her surviving and sort of thriving with her new powers, Johnson began making plans to "rescue" her and, after becoming her savior, using that trust to pit her against his enemies. Unfortunately, Skylar escaped on her own before the plan could be implemented, and with Dynamite Man having appeared to be gone anyway, the cost and risk of trying to track down Skylar did not seem worthwhile, and so Johnson changed his R&D efforts toward building anti-super guns like the one he's using now. However, that sentiment has changed now that Dynamite Man has returned...

Any thoughts or concerns about this potential version of the events?

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