It's the Popo, Be Cool

"Skylar, that was a detective from the CCPD, He said he has a few questions, he’s on his way. Is everything okay?"

Skylar's eyes widened in surprise. The police wanted to talk to her? She had no idea what they'd want from her, but the very fact that they did want to talk to her made her nervous. Her mind wandered to Charlotte. Could something have happened to her?

"I don't know of anything being wrong, but if the police are involved, I imagine something's not quite okay," Skylar mumbled. "I guess I'll find out when they get here."

Annalise seemed satisfied with that response, and the three of the returned to there duties, if quite a bit more muted than before. Skylar had to admit to herself that she was nervous. She had hoped that nobody outside of the Hope House knew that she was here, but apparently the police knew, and if they knew, who else knew? Did her family know? If so, why hadn't she seen them? Were they staying away from her for some reason? Did her former captors know? Where they waiting for her to leave before trying to snatch her back? Perhaps Doctor Appleton was right that she wasn't safe here anymore, but where else would be better?

By the time the tenants, the staff, and the volunteer's had completed the meal and sat down to partake in it, Skylar had begun to sweat from anxiety. She didn't think she had done anything wrong, but maybe she had? Forced or not, her services to her handlers probably hadn't been legal. Could they arrest her for that? Or what if Charlotte had been murdered? Skylar had apparently inspired her to escape. Had she led her to her death? What did the police really want with her?

Skylar picked at her food, appetite quashed by anxiety, and waited for the dreaded knock on the door...

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