Back to work

Later that afternoon back in his lab.

Ahh man it feels good to be back in the old laboratory with all of my little friends oh my look at the time it is feeding times for my little babies.

I walk over to the fridge and pull put several tupperwear bowls. Lets see here earthworms for Dorylus a laevigatus (African Driver Ants) and an apple for Periplaneta americana.(American Cockroaches) and finally a rose for Apis mellifera (the western honeybee) good little bees.

Now that that is done i go over to my desk and turn on the radio. "The would be hostage takers were foiled by bugs of all things." The guy says. "The cops are just as confused as we are here at the station." Here is George Egert on the scene."

"Frank i am standing outside the capitol city zoo. Where eight heavily armed guys took a group hostage. But were foiled by these hornets the largest species in the world. "The CCPD are interviewing the victims and suspects but they are gonna chalk it up to good luck. Im George Ergert channel 11 action news reporting.

Ha good luck what do they know. I guess next time I may have to allow myself to be seen. Well back to work got my clipboard and my lucky pen. I I go back into the lab and resume working till it is time to go home

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