OOC - Setting Info, and OOC Posting.

Hello! Just thought I'd clarify a bit about the setting of the game. We can assume that Capitol City is in the United States and is an east coast city similar to New York. So weather patterns and what not would be similar to that. At the time it is early fall, say september. So colder weather and rain is normal right now. However it is not our universe, I wanted to keep it a general superhero universe. That's why it would be Capitol City and not New York City, or State University instead of New York State University. Also since it is not exactly our universe the government training centre could still be Quantico or anything you wanted it to be called really. As for pop culture references we can imagine some spill over in both universes or we can make up celebrities. (Just make sure to explain the reference if its a fictional celebrity.)

Capitol City though is not New York. Consider it a combination of New York, Chicago and Washington. Or a combo of Metropolis and Gotham.

On OOC posts, they are fine but if it's going to end up as a whole conversation with replies it's probably better to email, or just keep it in the comments of that post.

And while its not a rule, can we try to write in the third person? I will try to include everyone's characters moving forward but it's also on us to put our characters in situations where they can join in. If you're having trouble in that area feel free to e-mail me.

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