A Whirlwind of Sudden Events

"I found you, SK-427, and you are coming with me!"

Skylar had felt the police coming, along with some other roamer, before the had police entered the building. She had even started to rise from her seat in preparation to get the door when, instead of knocking, the police had kicked down the door.

Nonetheless, as she was completely surprised when she found herself in the gunsights of a man who claimed to be a Federal Agent. It took Skyler a momement to recall what SK-427 was, but when she did, a chill went up her spine. Memories experienced through a drug-induced haze came unbidden to the front of her mind, of being hooked up to machines and forced to consume weird liquids and pills, of the subsequent agony in her gut and head, of the lunatic ravings of patients who's minds snapped under the strain. She had been SK-427 in that lab. Skylar had always bought the story that her handlers had been the ones who had done that to her, but now, with a supposed Federal Agent training a gun on her, she wondered if perhaps her government had been behind her torment and rebirth.

What happened next equally unexpected. As the agent shot down Annalisse's efforts to calm the situation, the dining room table was suddenly flying through the air toward the agent as a powerful arm took hold of her, nearly lifting her off her feet, and half-guided, half carried her through the kitchen to a back exit, briefly making eye-contact with the drifter she had sensed earlier (who had somehow made it into the building), before getting pulled out into the night.

"Where are you taking me?" she gasped. And then she got a good look at her savior (if that was indeed what he was). "Wait, Mister Tom, is that you?"

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