A Thing To Lose

"Federal Agent! Nobody Move!"

Ha, called it!

Andre chuckled, leaned against the wall as he watched the agent storm in in pursit of watever poor sap had pissed him off. Following the aim of his giant gun, Andre traced it to - the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on.

"Oh come on..."

Andre's brows furrowed a little as he watched the geezer declare that he was taking the girl, likely by any means if the gun was any indication. Don't get it wrong, the speedster's anger wasn't due to his falling for the girl in question (and he would never admit he had), no it was due to a prejudice in his head having been confirmed. Feds are fucking scum. Every last one of them.

Caught up in his thoughts, Andre was shocked to suddenly see the large man standing near the girl flip a large oak table with one hand. It was indisputable, he was a super! All the freaks had piled up for this party it seemed. Andre had unconsciously braced himself against the wall due to the increasingly rising tensions in the room. He had got the show he wanted alright.

Watching the girl be whisked away, he noticed, or a split second, that they had locked eyes. Oh, how he hated the feeling it gave him. Andre hated anchors with a passion. Fists clenched, Andre then and there decided that, barring any implications that may arise, this federal agent in particular was going to have a very bad night. Andre flipped on his villain switch, a mental thing in his head that essentially gave him the O-K to go all out.

Dashing in front of the exit the two had taken before coming to a sliding stop, Andre turned to the two officers just as the older one was getting back on his feet.

"Hey Feds!" He had assumed that both of them were federal agents," You sick fucks would bully a helpless girl, huh? Well come and bully me! I don't got a damn thing to lose!"

He wasn't trying to be a hero or anything, though that's not to say that he didn't want to do something good from time to time, he just wasn't the type to put himself on the line for others. No, today, he just wanted to through down with the Feds. And whatever happened next, happened.

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