Rise of an unlikely hero

While walking from his apartment off campus to his laboratory Leo walked down the crowded streets of Capitol City clutching his satchel which he always carries with him. In the satchel is several books research notes and a hidden compartment which contains his hero costume. As he made his way down the streets he hears a explosion coming from just up the way there is smoke and dust everywhere. Quickly he ducks into a alley and changes into his costume behind a dumpster. He has gotta be quick he can already hear the sirens from the C.C.P.D he rushes down a back street to get to where he heard the explosion. As he gets closer people are running from the Capital City First National Bank. Someone must of just tried to blow the vault he thinks to himself. He ducks behind a dumpster and begin to focus my mind to find any of my insect friends and out from the sewers pours thousands of roaches. "Great" he says the common cockroach they will help me out alot. Hivemind open the back door and all the roaches follow him in. He makes his way toward the front of the bank where the vault is.
Inside the bank there are several armed men loading bags of money into a pushcart. Hey assholes Hivemind says. the guys turn around dumbfounded. "What the hell is this", one guy says. "Hey beat it guy or else were gonna fill ya full of holes." Dr. Hivemind gives the bankrobbers a smile "That doesn't belong to you", he exclaims. "Put the money back and turn your selves in and there wont be any problems."
The robbers all just laugh. "What are you gonna do if we don't pipsqueek" one says. Oh nothing just this Hivemind says he focuses and again and all tje roaches come purung in covering the men. As the roaches pour in the men freak out. One bank robber pulls out a pistol to shoot at Dr. Hivemind but when he does to pull the trigger roaches come out instead. The roaches knock him down and roll him up in a rubber rug meant to keep people from slipping on the tile floor one takes off out the front door. And another bad guys runs into a office and locks himself inside and climbs onto a desk. That wont save you he thinks and he orders the roaches to go under the door. It was glorius to hear a grown man whp was talking so tough to scream like a girl he walks over to the door and opens it. The roaches are dragging the man out and towards the door. Others begin to roll tje guy in the rug out the door as well. The cops outside are also baffled by what they are seeing. Dr Hivemind walks out of the front door and orders the roaches to disperse back into the sewers where they belong and the roaches quickly begin to dissapear. A older looking policeman walks over to him and says "it was you at the zoo the other day wasn't it" yes i say im just trying to do my part to help clean up the city Dr. Hivemind responds. The cops shakes his hand and hivemind expains that he has to go but he will be around to the policemen and with that he opens a manhole and jumps down into the sewers and takes off into the darkness of the tunnels.

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