OOC - Progress Report

To help us keep track of the various plot threads going on in this game, I'm posting this Progress Report to display where all the various narratives are at at the time of this report being posted. We'll try to do this once or twice a month depending on post volume. Without further ado.

Thomas Townsend & Skylar Rhodes are in an abandon car shop hiding out from a supposed federal agent who tried to apprehend Skylar. Evening Day 2

Leo Lipinski has just twarted crime yet again, this time defeating a violent bank robbery in which the bandits used explosives to blow their way into the building. Rumors are begininning to arise that he may be the successor to Dynamite Man, even after the sighting of their old hero the day prior. Morning Day 3

Wilson Simms has pulled together a band of thugs in preparation for an upcoming diamond-stealing caper. Andre Gail has just burst in on the scene demanding a drink. Evening Day 2

A.T.O.M's and Eugenie Chadwick's introductions are pending.

Blackbird is in his office planning a mysterious and potentially game-changing scheme. Evening Day 2

Agent Johnson & Jason Reed have just been rescued from Andre's wrath by police who were called to the scene. I imagine they would be interviewing Annalisse Edwards and other witnesses of the scene to try to get as much information as they could about Skylar, Andre, and maybe Thomas. Evening Day 2

Let us know if you guys have any comments or concerns, or any suggestions for a calendar system we could use instead of Day 1, Day 2, etc. Please make comments in the comments section below, or in an email to WithTheLightsOutAgain and I (as opposed to in a subsequent OOC post).

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