Another day another crime

After The weirdo in the phantom outfit got away Leo was seriously doubting his abiltiy to be an effective crime fighter and he felt like he wasn't really making a difference out there. So walking home from the unoversity a few nights later he was just about to his door when he heard sirens, squealing tires and gunshots. He ducked into space between buildings behind his apartment and quickly changed. He decided to take the high road and climbed quickly up a fire escape onto the roof of his building. Jumping from roof to roof was easy in this part of town because how close they are together. When he gets where he can see the chase Leo now dressed as Dr. Hivemind focused his mind as hard as he could to find a colony anywhere he could the largest nest he could find and link to had about 150 wasps in it. "This is gonna have to work" he thought to himself. Leo focused hars and began commanding the wasps to swarm. They quickly moved down the street and covered the window of the shooters car. With the police still hot there heels the crooks begin swerving all over the road and right before they hit a concrete road divider they fly from the window and they bad guys in crash busting the front windshield allowing all the wasps to fly in and sting. When the CCPD get to the scene they observe the wasps swarming the men who are now scrambling to get out but cant cause the doors on their car are meased up. "Mother of god what is this" one says. "It's that bug guy the new hero"his partner say. "He can like control bugs with his mind or something." After a while the wasp swarm diaperses and the guys in the car all look like they went ten rounds with the current boxing heavyweight champ. One of the cops gets on his walkie, "we found those gangbangers," he says "were gonna need fire and ambulance they were uh this is gonna sound crazy were attacked by a swarm of bees. On the radio a voice replies a" swarm of what." Bees the cop says tjese guys look like hammered hell.

Back on the roof Hivemind was just kinda meh "no difference he says "These clowns will be back out tomorrow morning and go right back to crime. Why do i even bother." He takes off his mask and sits down. "And they were wasps you nitwit Vespula maculifrons to be precise" the eastern yellow jacket oh who cares nobody but me is interested in bugs. He just sit there and stews for a bit then climbs back down the fire escape into his apartment. He gets out of his costume and goes in to take a shower before bed. "Well another day another crime" he thought as he closes the bathroom door.

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