An anonymous call

A phone begins ringing. "Reporters Pool this is gary." A random non descript report answers. He is talking for several minutes and he hangs up. He walks over to where Jenifer is talking to Martin "Excuse me your Jennifer right, your the one covering the bank heist from the other day." Yeah whats up" She answers. Well your bug guy from the heist showed up again last night." He apprently swarmed a buch of gangbangers with yellow jackets and almost killed them." He said you should go talk to some entomologist on campus a Leo Lipinski. Just thought you might want to know." Not sure who that was on the phone they just said they was a concerned citizen but the guys voice was reall creepy."

Across town Klause Klygerberg hangs up his end of the phone that should keep that fool busy," he says gleefully ans sinisterly. With the press snooping around him he won't be able to distract me on my next heist Mwah ha ha ha ha ha

Meanwhile in his lab Leo is working on a experiment to block the bugs he controls from that weird musical mind control the victorian creep used on them. "Damn no luck whatever he was doing doesnt seem like it can be blocked. His Psychic ability is just too strong but where did he come from and how can i defeat him.

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