Capitol City University - Entomology Department

Jennifer stepped up in front of the small square building near the back of the Capitol City University quad. A faded wooden sign with green paint hung over the door. You could hardly read the words, Entomology Department.

She stepped up the stairs and entered the building. How'd did she get caught up in all this. Yeah she usually covered the super stories in Capitol City but this bug thing was really gross.

The foyer of the building held a reception desk but no one was sitting there, in the corner next to some old and uncomfortable looking wooden chairs was slightly neglected drooping office plant. "Hello?" Jennifer called into the building but didn't get a response.

Jennifer began to walk towards a door on the far wall. A red sign on the door said. "LABORATORY - Authorized Personnel Only" She tried the knob, and the door was unlocked. She pushed the door open, "Hello," She called out again. "My name is Jennifer Walker, I'm here from the Capitol City Gazette." She stepped into the lab.

The lab was lined on either side by dozens of glass terrariums each filled with a different species of insect. Jennifer shuddered, 'Maybe no one's here.' she thought 'I could come back later.'

Just then a short man with a bowl hair cut came out of a back office. He had round glasses and a slightly nerdy look about him. He was carrying a small tank with a few roaches inside.

"Dr. Lipinski?" She asked stepping forward. "I'm Jennifer Walker from the Capitol City Gazette, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the recent phenomenon with insects around the city?"

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