New Candidate For Mayor! (Excerpt Capitol City Gazette)

By : Martin Burn

Big news today as local business man and philanthropist Donovan Olivieri announced his candidacy for Mayor in the upcoming local election. Mr. Olivieri owns and operates Capitol City Construction and has spent the last two decades making charitable contributions, funding after school and youth empowerment programs around Capitol City in an attempt to improve the community of Capitol City and lower the crime rate. Now as crime rates skyrocket Mr. Olivieri says he can sit back no longer.

"The citizens of Capitol City have given Mayor Winters more than a fair chance at cleaning up this city." said Mr. Olivieri in an interview. "He would rather rely on supers like Dynamite Man to do the hard work for him, well not me."

City Councilman William Bunch and several others have declared their support for Mr. Olivieri's mayoral bid citing the need for "fresh blood" in city council. The well respected Councilman Bunch's opinion is an impressive considering he himself ran against our incumbent Mayor only two years ago.

Mr. Olivieri has stated that if elected he will make the streets of Capitol City safe once more.

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