Reacting to the Revelation of the Great Hero

"Skylar, I am Dynamite Man, I can teach you to protect yourself, protect those you love, and use your abilities to help the innocent... If you'll let me."

Skylar's jaw dropped as she took in the room and the words spoken to her by the man that had rescued her. She could feel his nervousness and uncertainty. Despite dumping the hardest parts of her life's story in his lap, she was still mostly a stranger to him, and he wasn't entirely sure he could trust. In a situation like this, the best way she probably could behave would be to respond with the maturity and seriousness that indicated she appreciated the gravity of his offer...

However, that is not what she did.

"I can't believe this... Oh-my-god, oh-my-god, this is sooo cool!!!" she squealed. "This is amazing! Is that Doctor Grom's Ray Gun?! And that's Colonel Dare's super suit! Holy crap, your actually Dynamite Man, and you rescued me, and now you want to teach me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This was almost every other young Capitol City girl's dream, to be rescued in Dynamite Man's strong, warm arms, then set down on solid ground, then perhaps given some advice or taught some kind of a trick, and maybe he's go out with her for coffee once in awhile. And now he was offering to train her into a proper superheroine! The only way this could have been dreamier would have been if he was also a young prince and was asking her out on a date.

"Teach me everything sensei! I will never tell anyone of this place! I'll make you proud, I won't let you down, I-"

Suddenly feeling light headed, Skylar fell against her hero and clung to his arm for support until she caught her breath. "Sorry, I, wow," she panted. "This is a lot to take in. So when do we get started?"

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