Not a Sidekick

Suddenly feeling light headed, Skylar fell against her hero and clung to his arm for support until she caught her breath. "Sorry, I, wow," she panted. "This is a lot to take in. So when do we get started?"

"From the looks of the man who came after you, we already have." Tom answered. He turned to the computer on the far wall and turned it on while Skylar continued to examine the room and it's contents. "I just need a minute to contact a friend who should be able to help us out, if we're gonna do this you're an apprentice, not a sidekick."

Skylar wandered down past the display cases while Tom was working on the computer, and now stood in front of Dynamite Man's suit on a mannequin. She was looking up at it her mind still racing to catch up to where she was.

Tom walked up behind her. He looked up at the suit as well and a quiet sadness began to sneak up on him. He shook himself away from this and spoke. "Anyone ever teach you to throw a punch?"

Skylar turned around to face him. "I've had to fight before." She answered quietly clearly uncomfortable with the memory. Tom nodded, "There's a big difference between having been in a fight and knowing how to fight." At that moment the computer on the other side of the room made a loud beep getting both of their attention.

Tom began to cross the room to check the computer. "I'm hoping your empathic abilities will give you a sort of early warning system for incoming blows." He arrived at the computer and tapped a button. "My friend can meet with us tomorrow morning, we'll have to spend the night here, might as well spend some of the night training."

Tom looked over at Skylar, "Let's see what you can do." He pressed a few more keys on the computer. The walls of the room began to slide away from one another and a low mechanical hum filled the room. The room widened until it was almost forty feet wide. "This should be enough space." he walked to the centre of the room. "Alright Skylar," he planted his feet, raised his fists, and smiled "Show me what you got."

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