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Summary: Callsign: Archangel

Sharon Milana Sabanova

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: MSF Personnel


Born in the city of Sevastopol, Russia, Sharon was within the first three months of birth moved to the United States with her mother and is considered a US citizen. Ethnically she is considered Kabardian/Adyghe.

Physical Appearance

Bright red hair and green eyes are her standout features, the hair she keeps shaved along the sides and shortened at the top. Her facial structure is very angular with hard lines for her jaw, cheekbones, and ridges of her nose and brow.

A SEAL standing in at 5' 10", Sharon is a superb athelte and has the doberman style definition of one. When not in uniform she prefers baggy sweats and tank tops, which usually double as workout clothes.


Having joined the Navy at seventeen, it was her original goal to become a corpsman and eventually work her way into the civilian medical field. SEAL recruiters however wound up picking her up thanks to a history of being involved in high intensity sports (namely wrestling), high grades and performance, and a competitive mindset.

Through the selection process she proved mostly successful, despite having to be resuscitated on three separate occasions, and leveraged her already acquired knowledge as a corpsman to further herself in the field, which proved paramount when the infection began to spread.

Ultimately her team became one of the many casualties of the ensuing chaos during a rescue attempt on one of the Naval bases in the Pacific. With the Navy pulled back to still uncontaminated islands and ports, she keeps up the fight as an attache to other units headed back into the field to save lives.


Rank - Petty Officer, USN

FN Herstel Mk. 16 - chambered in 5.56x45; fitted with a 7.5" barrel, Knights Armament suppressor, and EOTech Holo with 2x Magnifier. She's given it recent paintwork to better match her ATAC-S LE uniform

10x STANAG (30rds)
6x STANAG (30rds); reserve

Colt First Model 1848 Revolver - a gift from her mother and family heirloom, she carries two matching .44 magnum revolvers, retooled in 1956 to accomadate modern ammunition. They're technically part of a set of four, the other two remaining with her mother on base in Hawaii

6x speed loaders (6rds)

Pulemyot Kalashnikova (1961) - Soviet era 7.62x54 belt fed machine gun; wood furniture feat. engravings in Arabic; classic iron sights and side rail for Soviet optics

2x belts (100rds); reserve

Cold Steel Magnum Kukri - 17" blade carbon steel kukri style machete with a slightly straighter blade, which she recovered from her team in the Pacific

Cold Steel Rondel Dagger - 8" blade carbon steel tri-edged fighting dagger that she and her team had pitched in for after working with GSG-9 following the outbreak

S&W SRT Knife - 4.7" blade stainless steel picked up as an all around utility knife

Combat Harness - her full suit includes a Lvl IV plate carrier and auxiliary plates for shoulders, shins and hips, worn over 4-in-1 maille inspired by German civilian and military units and cushioned by alternated laters of combat uniform and underlayer clothes. She also carries a full seal face mask rated for CBRN threats.

Medic One - her personalized medic bag and effectively everything she needs to perform in the field as a corpsman all packaged into a Conterra Responder III Medic Bag. In addition to standard equipment she tends to bring along any small stuffed bears she can fit for incidents involving children.

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Image of Sharon Milana Sabanova
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