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Summary: Callsign: Stalker

Mike Patterson

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: MSF Personnel



Physical Appearance

Stands at six foot even, sports short brown hair he keeps covered with a gray cap, a trimmed brow moustache beard combo and hazel eyes. Is often seen wearing a gray T-shirt and black 5.11 Apex pants with black and gray Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX hiking shoes.


Born and raised in Killeen, Texas, he was always around the military, it soon became a part of his life after meeting several members of the elite 2nd Ranger Battalion. He knew right then and there he wanted to join the Army and strive to earn his Ranger tab. Ultimately he did once finished boot camp and Ranger school but that wasn't enough. After his first and second deployment to Afghanistan he volunteered for Special Forces Selection to try earn the coveted Green Beret. He failed twice and was recycled on both occasions but on that third attempt he succeed and managed to join the ranks of Army SF. A decade later he was recruited by the every secretive Intelligence Support Activity of the Army and is currently attached to MSF. Where he provides on the ground intel for any friendly forces in the area.


Customized MK18 with a BCM Upper Receiver (10.3 inch barrel, Aimpoint Micro T2, SOCOM Mini 2 Suppressor, Arisaka 300 series E1HT Light, DBAL-A4 IR Laser and Illuminator, BCM Vert Grip Mod 3, Ferro Concepts Slingster)

Sig P320X (Trijicon RMR Sight, Sig SRD9 Suppressor, Steiner DBAL-PL)

2 Smoke Grenades, 2 9-Bangers, a SOG Tactical Tomahawk, 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier, Ronin SENSHI Belt, 5.11 Rush 72 Pack

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Image of Mike Patterson
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