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Summary: Just because you're road was longer to travel doesn't mean you don't have the skills for the journey

James Patrick Elliott

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: HMC Personnel



Physical Appearance

Stands 5ft10 if has the right boots on. Weighs 180lbs with a normal torso and frame. He has abs,there just much harder to see since he turned 45. He keeps his head shaven every since he started loosing his hair at age 21. His face and dimples are covered in a medium Strawberry Blonde Beard.


Patrick was born into a Military family, his father,uncles and grandfather serving. He partook of JROTC classes in High School with the dream of enlisting to become a 68W. Unfortunately a fractured left femur he sustained his Freshman year kept him from enlisting.
Not one to give up, he enrolled in the HOSA Vocational program through his High School earning his Nursing Assistant Degree.

A few months within the medical field found him heading off to community college seeking to complete more education. One thing lead to another and Patrick found himself working as a Barista his education put on hold.

As the years began to add on Patrick found himself employed by a large convention hotel within the city. He entered into the Corporate Security program, were he excelled over the next Ten years. Once he reached as far as he could go without a degree, Patrick sought out training within the realm of Advanced Armed Security & Protection.

Luckily a company operated by former Law Enforcement Professionals saw his potential and took him under their wing. Here he would stay for another Six years, learning all aspects of investigation, threat assessment, physical protection and the skill sets of the Armed Security Professional.

From here Patrick got very lucky, gaining the friendship of a former Mossad Agent who was developing his own Protection Company. He too saw great potential in Patrick,believing that the young man merely needed an opportunity to succeed. This friendship cultivated into Patrick undergoing strick training earning employment as a Close Protection Specialist.

After a few years within the industry earning his reputation, Patrick applied to HMC. He's been employed for Two years at the time of the Outbreak.


Kriss Vector SBR (Suppressed/Red Dot,Light & Laser)
Sig Sauer P229 w/light
Habilis Bush Tool Knife
Battle Belt
Class 3 Plate Carrier
HMC standard loadout 72 hour kit
Ammo and Magazines

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Image of James Patrick Elliott
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