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Summary: A career soldier with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Jackson Whitehall

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Inactive



Physical Appearance

6'5 with a trim build. Skinny but muscular. Dark brown hair and beard, blue eyes.


Former Canadian Armed Forces Sargeant with the 1st Battalion of PPCLI (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. The 1st Battalion of PPCLI ( 1 PPCLI) is a combat unit equipped with light armoured vehicles. 1 PPCLI maintain a high degree of operational readiness and agility and is primed to deploy for a broad spectrum of operations in the proud tradition of of the regiment. There motto is "First in the Field."

Jackson was born in Calgary Alberta Canada to a single mother. He had no brothers or sisters growing up. When he was in sixteen his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and died two years later. After graduating high school, his mother gone and feeling the need for another change he joined the Canadian Armed Forces. For his entire military career he served with 1 PPCLI and eventually reached the rank of sargeant when he was twenty eight years old after eleven years of distinguished service.

He stayed in the military for another five years and accepted an honourable discharge at thirty three. At first he moved back to Canada but quickly grew bored with civilian life. So a year ago he applied for a position with HMC to do what he does best and get paid a little better.


Colt Canada C7 - A canadian assault rifle manufactured by Colt Canada with similar design and function to the M16A3. 8, 30 round magazines

FN P-35/Hi-Power - .40 caliber single action semi automatic handgun. Based on a design by American firearms designer John Browning
4, 15 round clips

"4 inch "Jump" Knife. Standard issue in the Canadian Army.

Interceptor Multi-Threat Body Armour - 1 set

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Image of Jackson Whitehall
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