This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Mar 17, 2020, 12:42am

The game is closed to new players at this time.

Hey all you awesome writers! We have ten awesome members and writers. For the moment I think that's enough because I worry about there being too many players and it bogging down posting.

What a great problem to have!

I'm super grateful to all of you for joining and for the stunning writing. You're the best!

Mature themes. No characters under 18.

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1. Be Nice - try to be kind and positive but above all be nice.

2. Assume Positive Intent - Before you feed the drama llama ask yourself 'Did they really mean what I think they meant? Did they mean to make me feel like I do right now? If I go and take a break will I be able to come back and see things differently? Will this matter tomorrow? Next week?' Assume the other player wasn't trying to hurt your feelings or bring the smoke.

3. Write Your Character and Not Others - unless you and the other player have an agreement, and it's great if you do! - only write your character.

4. If You Can't Lose You Can't Win - no one likes a Mary Sue or Gary Stu. No one likes the character who never struggles and who can never lose. Allow your character to be vulnerable as appropriate and let them struggle for the sake of the story.

5. No Murdering Other Characters - unless you and the other player agree to it for the sake of the story.

6. One Character Only - if you're super talented, and it makes sense, and you can keep up with it then we can discuss adding another character. This doesn't apply to NPCs you write to help move things along or to feed to the zombies.



The epicenter of the infection came out of a North Korean slave labor camp with suspected ties to China's biological warfare research program. An initially long incubation period allowed the virus to spread undetected through major populations centers before it manifested. At first the condition was neither well understood nor widely publicized. As the virus spread it mutated until the time from infection to dying and reanimating as one of the living dead dropped from several months to 24 hours.

As the infection and chaos spread, a small detachment of a Private Military Company, Horizon Military Contractors, was tasked with rescuing the remaining survivors of a Médecins Sans Frontières treatment center in Northern Iraq and bring them to a private airfield in Lebanon for transport back to the United States. An unusual mission given the worldwide situation but what the members of HMC don't know is one of the doctors is the daughter of the owner of HMC.

Characters may be members of HMC or Médecins Sans Frontières. They may be male or female with realistic military and civilian backgrounds. The position of the daughter of the owner of HMC is reserved.

The zombies are of The Walking Dead type.

This is intended to be a long term, survival and going home based story with an emphasis on character development and dynamics. While overarching plot will be provided by the game owner, sandboxing and character led stories are welcomed and adored.