Check ups

After checking Sharon’s heart rate, temperature, pupils, ears, head and neck Reagan gave a sigh of relief. “I think it’s just a concussion. Looks like she took a pretty good blow to the head when we touched down. Good news is a concussion usually isn’t anything too serious. She’ll need to rest, not sleep mind you, but rest. Stay hydrated and take it easy. No fighting for a few days. That’s going to have to be an order, though I doubt she’ll listen to me.” A pointed look to Patterson.

She smiled warmly at Talia though. “Hi Talia, I’m Reagan. It’s nice to meet you. Sorry we didn’t really have a chance to before. I appreciate everything you did out there. We’re lucky to have you on our team. Спасибо.” Her pronunciation wasn’t terrible, but that southern twang probably made the Russian word for ‘thank you’ sound odd to the other woman. “I hope we have a chance to talk more later. Can you help get her on board and strapped in? I don’t want her getting jostled around too much. Then we need to see about getting fueled up and out of here.” Somehow she made things sound like reasonable requests and not orders, and with her soft tone and easy smile it was hard to tell her no.

Once her patient was being helped on board she made her way around to those remaining outside, making sure no one else was injured in any way. That included checking on Carol, just to make sure their new pilot was holding up okay.

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