Getting all Misty about Things

Reagan smiled and nodded softly. " I can help you clean up in there." She paused for a moment before continuing. "I've got some clean clothes you can borrow if you want while I get your flight suit cleaned too. They'll likely be a little big on you but well, they're clean. "

She didn't push the issue but let Misty know she had an ear or a shoulder if she needed them. Then she was back on the move again, trying to see what the plan was for getting things refueled.

The whole mission was to rescue the civilians so letting the doctors and nurses get fuel would be a big no go on her go/no go scale but she wasn't the one calling the shots around here.

Where the heck did Perkins go? If she couldn't find him she was looking for Ingrid, the woman was old enough to be reasonable and not let testosterone get in the way.

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