Davenport and Perkins and the Tower of Death?

He quickly ordered Patrick and the others to try and refuel the Chinook while he jogged over to the ATC tower, activating his throat mic and calling out. "Davenport, care to join me in clearing this tower?" Before stacking up on the door.

“On my way” Davenport replied he jogged over sweat rolling down his face he hated the desert and all the dame heat. He arrives he pulled his pack off and opened a pocket pulling out a small breaching tool. He put one end near the doorknob he reached to check it first “Locked” giving a nod to Perkins. Moving into position to cover Davenport with out a word. “breaching” sliding the tool between the doorknob and door frame. With a quick tug the door opened Davenport put his foot next to the door to keep it form swinging open on them.

putting the tool back he pulled his M23 and placed the sound suppressor on it. turning on the red dot he looked at Perkins razing his left hand he put up three fingers then made a fist motioned to the door then made a motion diagonal across his neck. Signaling on three they breach the door counted to three and danger on other side. Davenport waited for Perkins nod and counted then opened the door allowing Perkins to shoot anything at the door and fallows him on taking the oppose side of the doorway when entering swiping for targets.

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