Yeah, No

It was hard not to want to do what Reagan suggested. Misty wasn't sure if it was the other woman's age and maternal feel or the easy way she had of making suggestions that just sounded so reasonable. How on Earth did she wind up working for HMC? Most of the time they went for roided up grunt and SF types. Whoever made that hire deserved a damn medal.

Misty refused, "Yeah, no," she answered, not nearly as assertively and in military jargon like she would have done if Reagan was a man. "You know how it is. Can't let them know it bothers you or you have to start the respect battle all over again. Besides," she let some dark humor slip in, "when it dries it'll mottle to a nice camouflage pattern." Misty smiled, a little smile but it was there. "Thanks but I'm good to go. I need to make sure they don't fuck up the refueling since Chief Wilson is busted up. Probably hook up to a hydraulics reservoir instead of the fuel tanks."

"If you want to detail one of those nurses to get started cleaning up the panel that'd be helpful."

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